Posture Bundle

Together with Candace from YogaByCandace®, we have created a complete movement overhaul guide for parents, office workers, yogis, anyone really, who is sick of feeling stiff and sore, and is looking to improve their posture. The Posture Bundle is a comprehensive guide with a 107 page workbook and over 40 instructional videos, designed to help you get started on that path to a youthful body and moving without pain in just 15 minutes a day. It is one of the fastest paths to BIG results in improving your posture and the health of your body.

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Why is Posture so Important?

Posture is so important because it can impact us both physically and psychologically. It is how we hold ourselves while we stand, sit or move. This plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I got interviewed! I’m featured in Season 5, Episode 10: Life After Namaslay® Yoga Teacher Training (starting @ 14 mins 25 secs). We talk about life after yoga teacher training and how it has benefited the work I do.

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