I wanted to share a little more of the theme of this year 2020 and of the theme of January for my social media posts. The theme of the year is SELF-LOVE. The reason I chose this theme was due to the many posts I see on social media. Yes, there are a lot of posts where you could think that people have an inflated sense of self or – that’s just my opinion – self-love gone wrong and turned into egotism, self-absorption, and even narcissism. Sadly, there are many other posts where people beat themselves up over things that – again that’s my opinion – are not worth to even worry about.

So, why an entire year about self-love?

I think, it’s necessary to offer a different view about self-love. People have a lot more potential that they credit themselves for, and many give up on their dreams far too early. Again, just like our postural habits, our mental habits are the foundation of our mental wellbeing. Basing mental habits on self-love is far better than on doubt, fear, and self-judgement.

What is self-love?

Self-love is being aware that we are more than just the superficial layers of our roles, personalities, or quirky ways. Yes, these are part of who we are, but there is more. Some people call it Higher Self, Soul, or inner God/Goddess. It’s that part of us that connects us to the collective energy, the ingenious and creative part of us. We can recognise this part in others when they do things that we admire. We often acknowledge it in famous artists, but have trouble realising that we all have this higher part within us.

That’s why the theme for January is ‘Who am I’

We must find out first about ourselves to begin the journey into self-love. I hope that the posts prompt you to think about the various aspects of who you are. Journaling and meditating help in going deeper.

Often, people associate who they are with their name, the social roles they have, or their jobs. For example, I am Eva, I am a daughter, sister, mother, a life coach, massage therapist, yoga teacher, PhD student. Yet, this does not define me in all aspects of my being.

Think about the various roles or labels you assign to yourself. Then, think about how others label you. Some people like to be in the limelight, but they may only show a certain aspect of themselves. That shiny outside façade is in plain view, never mind what’s going on deep inside.

Others may like to retreat into their own private world, careful not to draw any attention to themselves. Although, not as outwardly, the principle is the same, only the façade is presented to others.

We label ourselves and others all the time, it’s quite normal. It can be easily explained from an evolutionary psychology point of view. We needed to be able to make quick judgements from a survival perspective. Meeting a tribe that we didn’t know was risky, and lucky for you and me, our ancestors were extremely good at sussing people out.

Nowadays, most of us live much more comfortable lives and have the luxury of living with purpose rather than pure survival. Even though, we are still very quick at making judgements, we can relax about what others think of us. We have the privilege to connect to our authentic selves, a buzzword that you may have heard of.

Authentic self

The authentic self refers to a level of self-awareness that goes beyond roles, labels, and façades. Becoming self-aware is like peeling an onion, one layer at the time. Once you’ve gone past the labels, you may ask yourself about your characteristics, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Where are you vulnerable? Why?

Self-awareness requires to be open and willing to explore unknown corners of our being. You may find a hidden gem there. For some, maybe even most, it means to go back into emotions that they have suppressed. Old memories may come up. They seemed to be forgotten but are having a life on their own without people even realising how powerful and influential they are.

I’m not saying that this is comfortable self-discovery because it can be painful at times, and just like peeling an onion, there can be tears. But we must go through pain sometimes to get to a deeper understanding and achieve a new level of inner freedom. Let’s face it, keeping everything as it is, will not serve us and cause more pain long-term.

Try the Journey Method

Should journaling and meditation not work, and you need help, please reach out. I offer the Journey Method, which is immensely helpful in uncovering old memories and working through suppressed emotions. I’m always amazed at the change in people who go through a Journey Process. Journey Practitioners call the phenomenon Journey Eyes, because the eyes of people who come out of a Journey Process are shiny like polished diamonds. The eyes are the window to the soul and looking someone in the eyes who have undergone the Journey Method is so special.

The Journey Method does help you connect with who you truly are. It’s taking the lamp shade off and shining brightly. Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey Method says this often. However, it’s easy for most people to forget who they really are and hiding their light under the lamp shade again and again. That’s why self-awareness is an important daily task. It helps us to keep showing up as the authentic self. Shining the light on a permanent basis. If you would like to learn more about the Journey Method, you can download Brandon Bays’ bestselling book, The Journey, here for free.

If you feel called, you can also check out one of the upcoming live events with Brandon Bays here.

Once we’ve learned how to let go of unwanted baggage, such as suppressed emotions, tasted that inner freedom, and connected to our authentic self, daily challenges will still be there, but we may react differently to them. In fact, we may not react at all, but experience an astonishing calmness during the maddest moments. From there, we can expand to get to a better version of ourselves.

Interview with Self-Inquiry teacher Yantra-ji

You may also be inspired to watch an interview about this topic. I will interview Yantra-ji, who is the Founder of Living Alignment, and has been offering meetings in truth, Satsang and Self Inquiry for over 15 years. She dedicates her work to the embrace of support for the discovery into the truth of who we are.

Of course, I’ll let you know when it’s going to be live.

With love,


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