Do you often work on a laptop or tablet?

Working on a laptop under less than ideal circumstances (like I’m doing here in this cafe in Santorini), can be tricky.

There are no ergonomic chairs, the table is too high for me, and I didn’t have much room to spread out.

Apart from doing what’s important for any seated work, having frequent breaks to stretch the body and get the blood flowing in in the lower extremities, I suggest to sit on the edge of the chair.

It’s easier to find the sitting bones, when rocking back and forward on the seat until you feel them, and then position the upper body slightly in front. That way, the natural curves in the spine are maintained.

Then lift the ribs up, away from the hip bones and relax the shoulders down. Lower the gaze to the screen not bending the head down.
Let me know if this helps 🥰

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