The Face Yoga Method is as the name suggests Yoga for the face. It was founded by Fumiko Takatsu, about 15 years ago in Japan. After a car accident, Fumiko realised that her face had changed dramatically. Although, she had no direct injury to her face, her features seemed to be almost frozen in the shock of the impact. Her face had a very asymmetrical appearance. She decided to do something about it and developed a series of exercises that trained the facial muscles so that she achieved symmetry of her face again.

When Fumiko realised how beneficial these exercises were for her and how much they could help other people, she developed these exercises into the Face Yoga Method. It is an all-natural anti-aging practice and involves exercising your face muscles just as you would with your body.

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• Tones the muscles of the face • Helps with sculpting the face • Reduces wrinkles • Creates a more symmetrical face • Decreases stress • Increases confidence • Helps with headaches • Helps with jaw pain or imbalances • And more

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