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How to start the New Year in a Great Way!

We'll talk about health and wellbeing covering the three pillars:


Easy steps that will help you improve your health & wellbeing

"Better than New Year Resolutions!"

Where: on Zoom (request the link below)

When: Monday, 25th of January 2021, 8pm - 8.30pm (Sydney, AEDT)
(everyone who signs up for the class will get a recording so even if you can't make the time you can still watch the class in your own time)

Hosted by: Eva from Change with Eva
(A little about me in the next slide)
A little about me

I love learning about health & wellbeing and I'm excited to share what worked for me with you.

As a massage therapist and yoga teacher I'm passionate about physical health and I know from personal experience and from my clients, how important a healthy body is.

Improving physical health has a huge influence on our overall wellbeing. As a coach, mentor and Journey Method therapist I also know how important both mental & spiritual health are.

What's more, all three pillars work together and need o be addressed.

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