Choosing group coaching or personal coaching is a very personal decision. It depends on the intention you have for your coaching program. One to one coaching is a very personal experience. There’s only you and your coach, no one else is involved. This can be great for some people, but for others it may be better to look at group coaching options.

Group coaching can be a great alternative to personal coaching. Financially, it is a little easier to handle. However, don’t think that because your monetary investment is lower, you won’t get equal benefits as for one on one coaching nor contribute in other ways. Personally, I think, the opposite is true, if you play full out. It takes both commitment and engagement. People who sign up for group coaching with the hidden agenda to hide, selling themselves short (and diminish the experience for others in the group). If you know you tend to hide, check out personal coaching first and later continue with group coaching.

However, if you know you will thrive in a group, even though it might be a bit scary at times, go for the group coaching. There’s a different dynamic in a group (and every group is different). There’s so much to gain from others’ experiences and from sharing your own ‘stuff’ with others.

Here are some benefits of group coaching:

Improved listening and questioning skills

Better empathic skills whilst still having healthy boundaries

Deepened trust in oneself and others

Improved emotional and mental flexibility

Development of emotional intelligence

Increased ability to give constructive feedback

Increased ability to receive feedback and deal with judgment

Better understanding what motivates others

Enhanced creative thinking

Better reflection skills

Improved communication skills

Better strategic thinking

Decreased dependence on so-called experts

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