Eva Tzschaschel
Eva Tzschaschel
Founder, The Posture Queen & Life Coach

Welcome! I’m really glad that you found my website. I’m excited to share with you, my knowledge and passion about wellness! Whilst my programs are all about you, here you can learn little bit about me, Eva.

I am passionate about empowering you to find your true calling, and inner happiness. I’m the founder of Change With Eva, the Better Back Program, and author of the ‘Happiness Formula’.

I know that many people are interested in living a long, healthy and active life, but sometimes there can be moments where we just feel stuck, as if something is holding us back. I was drawn to postural work and life coaching through my work as a massage therapist. There I saw that many of my clients had deep underlying postural problems commonly arising from their childhood. Combining massage with postural work and coaching allowed me to focus more on the root causes of the problems my clients were facing. I believe in lasting, long-term improvements rather than a quick fix, for example treating the cause of your pains/concerns, not just the symptoms. I have found that the mind-body connection plays vital component in the healing process.

I am a life-long learner…

Which is also why I am currently a PhD candidate in psychology at Macquarie University Sydney. My topic of focus is following my passion for optimal posture and the important role it plays in leading a healthy and active life. This is building on the many skills I have gathered in counselling, life-coaching and psychology.

With my expertise and life experience, I help my clients transform their lives by teaching them powerful self-healing techniques. In the last 12 years, I helped hundreds of people from all backgrounds to retrain their brains to be happier using my happiness blueprint.


I was a guest speaker at a beautiful workshop run by YogaByCandace in Santorini. There I got my new nickname ‘The Posture Queen’! To find out more, check out my blog post ‘Becoming The Posture Queen in Santorini’. For some great tips or if you love a good challenge, check out my Resources page! If you ever have any questions, please reach out to me. Look forward to hearing from you!