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If you ever wanted to try Yoga, or it was recommended to you by your doctor, but you didn’t feel compelled to sign up for a Yoga class for whatever reason, read on. This section is for you (and you are not alone).

Many people feel too embarrassed to enrol into a regular Yoga class. They may believe that Yoga is only for skinny young women, or only for very bendy people. They may think that they are too old, too stiff, too large to fit in. If you fall into this category, let me assure you, Yoga is for everybody. Age, gender, fitness level or flexibility are factors that can be addressed so that everyone benefits from practicing Yoga.

Other people may have certain restrictions in their bodies due to injuries or illness. These people may feel that they should not participate in a regular Yoga class. If you in this category, you could be right. It really depends on the teacher and how many students the instructor has in their class. Sometimes, especially in established classes with regular students, people may be familiar with the basics and the teacher concentrates on a more advanced sequence of yoga poses. This can be frustrating for a beginner and they may feel left out and think that they can’t do Yoga.

Don’t give up! Consider taking private Yoga sessions instead. If you book a private session with an instructor, the class will be tailored to your needs and abilities. There’s also more opportunity to ask questions and get hands-on corrections from your teacher.



Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

If you are a beginner, or even an intermediate student, it will make your entry into the Yoga world so much smoother. You will learn the most common Yoga poses properly with the correct alignment. This prevents injury, discomfort and common misconceptions. Learn Yoga at the pace that is right for you.

This benefit applies to all yoga students, new to very experienced. One of the premises of Yoga practice is to go inward, concentrate on your own body and mind. Most students in a class can’t help themselves and they look around to see what other practitioners are doing. This is distracting and fuel the ego, which is the very part of us that should quieten down during Yoga Practice.

A private class ensures that you can concentrate on yourself and don’t have to worry that others are watching you. Plus, you won’t get distracted by the super bendy Yoga goddess right in front of you who can twist herself into a human pretzel.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has more to offer than just a few stretches. There are many different styles of Yoga out there which provide diverse benefits. People often take completely different things away from their practice. Some just want to switch off from their busy day. Others may want to get relieve from shoulder pain or hip stiffness. Some see it as the perfect way to go inwards and meditate, whereas other people may want to manage their anxiety.

A Yoga class designed just for you and your needs can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Compare this to group Yoga classes and you will find that it can take a long time to find just the right one for you.

Your personal Yoga instructor can tailor the poses for your body so that you can be comfortable and work with your body, not against it. This will prevent injuries and increase enjoyment.

Yoga can be very calming, and many people benefit from the meditative aspect of Yoga. Studies have shown that regular Yoga Practice can reduce anxiety and stress. However, imaging you are running late for your Yoga class, can’t find parking and then realise you forgot your Yoga mat. This is a stressful but common scenario and certainly does not help you to reap the benefits of the class.

This is one of the reasons why Yoga teachers often start their classes with calming breathing exercises. If you are stressed out in your Yoga class, it can spread to other students very quickly. We are all capable of sensing the energy and emotions of others, and whilst people around you sense your stress, you also sense their annoyance with you, which makes the whole scenario even more stressful.

In a private Yoga session, you can truly relax. There are no suppressed emotions because someone placed their mat right in front of you and now you can’t see the instructor. It’s just about you in a much more calming setting.

Yoga studios can be sanctuary of tranquillity. But often classes are held in community centres or gyms, which can be noisy and distracting. When you book a private session, you can do the class where you like it. Online, at your home, at the instructor’s studio or at your work, the possibilities are endless. You choose the place that make you feel most comfortable. You don’t have to do your private yoga classes in a studio or at your home.

How often have you promised yourself to live healthier? Many people make this promise every year on New Year’s Eve. But come February, most of these promises are forgotten. Most likely, your busy schedule and other commitments prevented you from sticking to your plan.  Rigid Yoga class schedules that don’t suit you, will not help you. However, when you book a private session, you can work with your instructor to find the best time for you. This will enhance your chances to finally keep the most important promise to yourself.

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Having familiarised yourself with the many benefits of private Yoga sessions, there’s only one thing left to do: Book one 😊

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