Read books

  • Look for books that inspire you,
  • books that get you thinking,
  • books that challenge you,
  • books that are self-development books,
  • books you already have, but haven’t looked at for a long time
    • For example, I found
      ✅ Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
      ✅ The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
      ✅ The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
      ✅ Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell
      ✅ Goals by Brian Tracy

Be kind. Yes, I know, it sounds simple, but have you practised it?

  • Be kind to others
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Be kind to your environment


  • Start with a gratitude journal
    • It’s highly effective to concentrate on the good little things in your life.
    • Each night before going to sleep, write down three small or big things that you’re grateful for.
    • For example:
      • Grateful for my yummy breakfast this morning
      • Grateful for a nice message I received from a friend
      • Grateful for the beautiful view of the beach
  • Once you get used to regularly write in your journal, you can start writing about things that you would like to improve or feel unsure about.
    • Leave space between the lines.
    • Go back and write notes or a new version of your story with a different coloured pen.
  • Another great technique for journaling is list writing. This is one of the best techniques I know for personal breakthroughs without having a coach or counsellor by your side.
    • Write down as many goals as you can about the area you want to improve
    • Write down one hundred reasons why you deserve a goal (yes, 100 reasons for each goal)
    • Practise list writing with your non-dominant hand. This helps to access areas of your subconscious mind.
      • For this technique, state your goal. Let’s say, it’s weight loss. Write down all the reasons why you don’t deserve TO reach your weight loss goal.
      • Once you’ve finished all the negative statements, address each one with a list with your dominant hand why you DO deserve reaching this goal
    • List writing is also useful if you want to release something.
      • Write down all the details of the incident or situation that upset you.
      • If other people were involved, write down everything that they did.
      • Then take every detail and write down all the reasons you can think of why they could have done it.
      • Finally write down all the reasons why they could be forgiven without condoning their behaviour.
      • After a couple of days go back to the journal and write down how you are feeling about the situation.
      • Repeat this process until you don’t feel any charged emotion anymore.

Meditate, it’s such a great tool to go inwards.

Why is meditation practice so important? Lao Tzu says it beautifully “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness”.

  • Find a quiet spot if you are new to meditation and sit for a few minutes.
    • Concentrate on your breath.
    • Repeat daily whilst increasing the length of your meditation practice.
  • If just sitting and concentrating on your breath is a bit daunting, you can start your meditation practice by listening to guided meditations.
  • One of my preferred meditation practices is walking meditation.
    • The principle is still the same, concentrate on your breath and when thoughts arise, let them go.
    • What’s different is obviously the walking.
    • Walk slowly, there’s no rush.
    • Although you need to keep your eyes open, try a defocused view (or take your glasses off, if you normally need them 😉)
    • Another great way to ease into meditation is singing mantras.
      • What’s a mantra?
      • It originally comes from Hinduism and Buddhism.
      • It’s a word or sound repeated over and over to help people concentrate during meditation.
      • Try the Gayatri mantra.
      • Go on, sing your little hearts out, just like the birds do every day.

Hire a coach

  • I’m serious. Even though, I am a coach myself, helping others to cut through the lies of their own conditioning, help them to become their true confident self, I still work with coaches on a regular basis. Personal breakthroughs are tricky and elusive if you mull the same thing over in your own head. To talk to someone who is trained to draw out the things we like to cover up and hide even from ourselves is extremely valuable. I offer free intro sessions. Just send me a message and we can set up an appointment.

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