The Journey Method is a transformational therapy form which allows you to access deeply stored memories and emotions. As an accredited and recommended Journey Practitioner, personally trained by Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey Method, I will facilitate your process with the help of personalised visualisations so you can cut through the layers of protection and come to a place of freedom, peace and forgiveness

Access Your Own Deep Healing Power

The Journey Method gives you practical tools to help you heal your body, mind and emotions on a deep cellular level. I have personally witnessed amazing transformation in people I worked with. Of course, the Journey Method is not a band-aid, it is an ongoing change and deeper and better development that takes time. However, the tools you will learn are truly applicable for the rest of your life.

Finally Know What You Want with Clarity

It is amazing how much limiting beliefs and oh, so familiar habits can shape and restrict our lives often without us noticing. The Journey Method can help you to clear out those restricting patterns and increase your awareness. From there, the Journey Method can help to increase your confidence, and enhance clarity of thought. You will flourish and succeed naturally in areas of your life such as family connections, relationships or career.

Find Your Authentic Self and Live Your Life

Emotions are natural and messengers from our bodies and souls. However, many people have learned to suppress or avoid emotions. The Journey Method helps you access suppressed emotions and blockages that prevents access to your real feelings. It’s a gentle process that ensures you will only meet ‘stuff’ that you are capable of handling. The result is deeply liberating and a healthier relationship to your emotions and feelings.

Improve Your Relationship with Yourself and Others

Find self-acceptance and true love for yourself. This is the basis of creating healthy relationships with others. The Journey Method offers great tools to help people build better relationships that embody true love and freedom.

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